We Are Artists

We are artists, creative thinkers, and we are perfectionists. Our dream, our ultimate goal, is to bring happiness and joy to others. Sweet bliss can be achieved in many ways, and our personal favorite is playing video games. The countless stories, lives, and worlds which can be visted and lived through video games are unimanginable, and the emotions that we get from playing them stay with us forever. Since the first pong game released, computer programmers have strived to bring this to the world, and our team, Bourg Computer Sciences, wishes to continue this dream.

The Ghost Civilization

As our flagship project, The Ghost Civilization is our pride and joy. A rts-city builder, TGC lets you guide a civilization from birth, to it's death, and beyond. You start with only a couple of people, and your duty is to bring them to greatness. Build up your civilization, block by block, but beware, death is not the end. Although development was stalled for during school, we are back on it! We hope to push it to steam, and you, soon. These are some of our favorite features!

  • Extensive Character AI

    Every character in the game has a unqiue artifical inteligence that responds to external stimili. Everything from how the weather is, to how happy they are, to how hard it is to see all change the way the characters react.

  • Dynamic Weather System

    In order to make a better environment for your civilization, the gods have blessed you with rain! This rain, however, also comes with snow, fog, thunder, and lightning. Be careful letting your people out in bad weather, for fear they may become sick and die.

  • Unique Building System

    In most RTS and city-builder games, building is a simple drag in drop, with minimal customization. But what if you got to design the buildings, from the size and shape of the walls, to the furiture inside? In TGC, you get to not only do this, but your people also build it, block by block!

Our Team

As we have been using plural pronouns throughout this website, you may like have guessed that there are more than one of us on this team, and that guess would be correct. Although we are each artists in our own rights, we all specialize in different areas.

Contact Us

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